New delegators airdrop!

The new ANT VPSX

Steps to use the VPSX token and be eligible for the $PARTY airdrop

Steps to be eligible

  • Make sure you received the “PartySwap Silver Entry V2” (VPSX) token in your Avalanche Wallet.
  • Choose to transfer the VPSX token in the “send” tab of the wallet.
  • In the memo field, add the c-chain address you wish to claim the $PARTY tokens with. Please, only use Metamask c-chain addresses. If you use another application for the c-chain address, it will be more complicated for you to claim the $PARTY tokens.
  • Finally, put this as the receiving address: X-avax1e0ygxw30aqluzfspx56q0kvhgrz2drhd4ej554
  • After that, you will be eligible to claim your $PARTY coins during our platform launch.

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