New delegators airdrop!

3 min readSep 14, 2021


Hello, PartySquad. Welcome to the new delegator airdrop. After the issues with the previous event, we decided to re-schedule a new one and start from the beginning. So, finally, here we are!

However, we are making a couple of changes. First, we decided to divide the delegator coins into two parts. So now, delegators will be able to claim 46.39 $PARTYs in phase one. Then, a few weeks after launch, delegators will be able to claim the other half left. We will announce through our official Twitter when the second phase starts.

Note: the decrease of the total amount of $PARTYs given to each delegator (compared to the original announcement) is because the total amount of users increased from two thousand users (~2,000) to fourteen thousand (~14,000). Also, to be clear, for phase 2 of the airdrop, you won’t need to do the ANT transfer again! We will use the same c-chain addresses received on this airdrop.

You can find the addresses eligible for this airdrop here. They were originally posted on our previous delegator-airdrop udpate.

The new ANT VPSX

The new airdrop token for the delegators is named “PartySwap Silver Entry V2” (VPSX). Please, click here to check the token details on Avascan.

This new token will replace the previous airdrop token known as VIPS. So please, if you have VIPS in your wallet, you can either burn it or keep it as a souvenir. There’s no use for it now.

Steps to use the VPSX token and be eligible for the $PARTY airdrop

We will divide the steps into different points, so it’s less confusing for our users. If you are familiar with previous delegator/validator airdrops, this should be pretty easy for you to do.

The participants who complete these steps will get whitelisted to claim their coins in a section of our website called “Airdrop” during our platform launch.

📍 The deadline to send the VPSX token is September 8, 10:00 PM, EST time. After that, we will timestamp the addresses received. Any transaction received after that day won’t get whitelisted.

Steps to be eligible

⚠️ Important note: If you own more than one (1) VPSX token, you must transfer them in different transactions and include different c-chain addresses for each. Using the same c-chain address in all the transactions will count as just one airdrop. Sending more than one VPSX token in a single transaction will also count as only one. Making these mistakes isn’t fixable, so there’s no turning back. Don’t complain if you don’t follow the rules written in this article.

  • Make sure you received the “PartySwap Silver Entry V2” (VPSX) token in your Avalanche Wallet.
  • Choose to transfer the VPSX token in the “send” tab of the wallet.
  • In the memo field, add the c-chain address you wish to claim the $PARTY tokens with. Please, only use Metamask c-chain addresses. If you use another application for the c-chain address, it will be more complicated for you to claim the $PARTY tokens.
  • Finally, put this as the receiving address: X-avax1e0ygxw30aqluzfspx56q0kvhgrz2drhd4ej554
  • After that, you will be eligible to claim your $PARTY coins during our platform launch.

Thanks for participating!

About PartySwap

PartySwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) launched in Avalanche where you can do permissionless swaps between currencies, earn interests in farms and liquidity pools in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem.

If you have inquiries about our platform, please don’t feel afraid to ask!




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