Official airdrop announcement!

3 min readSep 14, 2021


⚠️ IMPORTANT UPDATE: The delegator airdrop mentioned in this article is canceled, so now this blog post is focusing only on the validator’s airdrop. We will re-do the delegator’s airdrop, so please click here to read the newest article.

Hello, #PartySquad. Let’s go straight to the main thing! Welcome to our airdrop announcement. Here we will explain all the steps require to be eligible for the airdrop.

First, we want to mention this is the first airdrop of many more coming in the future. This airdrop will represent 50% of the total tokens reserved for the airdrop in our tokenomics. So that means we will distribute 4,400,000 $PARTY tokens in this event.

We will divide this airdrop into three parts. First, 70% of the total tokens given in this event will go to Avalanche’s Validators. Second, the rest (30%) will go to the delegators.

However, we know many of you want to participate without being delegators and validators. So we created 20 NFTs that you’ll be able to buy pretty soon on a certain website and will allow you to receive an airdrop! More news about this will come out soon in a new article.

So, to put it in a few lines:

  • Each validator will receive 3,101.71 $PARTY.
  • Each NFT holder will also receive 3,101.71 $PARTY.
  • ⚠️ UPDATE: Delegator airdrop will be re-organized. Stay tuned for updates by following us on Twitter.

Also, we already did the timestamps for each:

  • Validators timestamp: 2021–08–25 23:12:43 / 973 validators participating.
  • ⚠️ Delegators timestamp UPDATE: Click this article to know what happened with the delegators airdrop.

Steps to receive $PARTY for validators.

The validators and delegators will receive a unique Avalanche Native Token in their X-chain wallets linked to the P-chain address where they stake their AVAX.

If you are a validator, you will receive a token named VIPG token [VIP GOLD ENTRY]. To check the token ID click here.

Identical to every validator-airdrop on Avalanche, users that received this token will need to send it to a specific address (specified below) with a memo writing the c-chain address where they wish to receive the $PARTY tokens.

⚠️ Need help? Click here to watch a tutorial video!

We will whitelist every c-chain address received before September 5th, 10 PM EST time. Tokens left unclaimed will get burned.

  • Address to send the VIPG tokens: X-avax15tpf8p9ynlevcdrmpcn0vrr8hpg2557czfxa0x

After sending your c-chain wallet address in the memo of the special token transaction, you will be able to claim the $PARTY tokens in our application section “Airdrop” on the day of our platform launch.

📍 Note: If you own various VIPG tokens, please, try not to use duplicate c-chain addresses in the memo of each transaction. This will make our job easier. If you already did, don’t worry; you will still get the $PARTY tokens.

What happened with delegators?

We messed up our delegator’s airdrop, and we will re-do it very soon. Please click here to read the latest article about the delegator’s airdrop. Also, follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

About PartySwap

PartySwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) launched in Avalanche where you can do permissionless swaps between currencies, earn interests in farms and liquidity pools in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem.

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