Hello, #PartySquad. We are happy to publish our first audit and the token lockup smart contacts. Both of them will bring a new step into offering a secure platform for our users. We couldn’t be more excited!


Solidity.finance performed our first audit; they are a small company that offers in-depth…

Hello, #PartySquad. We are happy to announce a celebratory giveaway. We are super excited to launch our platform, so we want to do a big event for all of you.

Giveaway steps

Hello, #PartySquad. We are happy to announce our application release date. Finally, after a long process, we are ready.

Our release date will be on 09/14/2021 at 8 PM EST time [Exact hour can vary]. The platform will allow users to interact with farms and single-sided pools from day one.

Hello, #PartySquad. We are happy to announce our formal partnership between Avalaunch and PartySwap. We will work together, bringing solutions to increase the utility of both platforms by promoting each other! We couldn’t be happier to work together.

At launch, you’ll be able to start earning $PARTY in our XAVA/AVAX…

Hello, PartySquad. Welcome to the new delegator airdrop. After the issues with the previous event, we decided to re-schedule a new one and start from the beginning. So, finally, here we are!

However, we are making a couple of changes. First, we decided to divide the delegator coins into two…

Hello, #PartySquad. We are happy to announce our NFT $PARTY airdrop. It is very simple! You need to buy one of our NFT collectibles released for this airdrop on snowflake.market. …

Hello, #PartySquad. We are very sorry for the issues related to our delegator’s airdrop. We want to let you know that we are working hard on this currently.

After discussing internally to solve the issue as soon as possible, we decided to invalidate every VIPS (VIP Silver Entry), and re-do…

⚠️ IMPORTANT UPDATE: The delegator airdrop mentioned in this article is canceled, so now this blog post is focusing only on the validator’s airdrop. We will re-do the delegator’s airdrop, so please click here to read the newest article.

Hello, #PartySquad. Let’s go straight to the main thing! Welcome to…

Hello, #PartySquad. We are happy to announce our official BenQi piñata pair! When our platform launches very soon, users will gain $PARTYs by injecting liquidity in the new AVAX/BenQi pair.

Hello, #PartySquad. We are happy to announce our partnership with PenguinFinance! PEFI is one of the most significant Avalanche projects at the moment, having $45,288,207 US dollars in TVL currently.

We couldn’t be more excited to work with PenguinFinance! We can assure you forehand that a lot of great things…


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